After Jamie Foxx Returned Her Lost Bag, Fan Opens Up About Interaction With The Actor Following His Medical Incident

News on the Jamie Foxx front has gone from zilch to abundance after a few rare sightings of the Oscar winner following his still-undisclosed medical incident. After waving to some lucky fans while on a boat ride, Foxx followed up the outing by kindly returning a fan’s lost bag. The sweet video ultimately went viral and seemed to provide further optimism regarding the A-lister’s status. Now, the fan is opening up about her heartwarming interaction with the actor.

After going unidentified for several days, home healthcare aide Terri Glen came forward to talk with People about how the whole incident played out. Glen recalled an unknown black SUV pulling up behind the open-air pedicab he and her sisters were in. The SUV started honk behind them, before pulling up beside the cab on the streets of Chicago. The trio was surprised when the door opened and revealed the Spider-Man: Homecoming star. Glen had this to say, in regard to the exchange she and Jamie Foxx had upon coming into contact with each other:

I said, ‘Jamie! Jamie!’ I said, ‘Are you feeling good?’ and he said, ‘I’m feeling good.’

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