Modesto has a new nonprofit health clinic as Livingston Community Health branches out

Livingston Community Health has opened a clinic in Modesto to serve local residents, many who are not seeing a doctor regularly.

The Modesto Health Center, at 2116 E. Orangeburg Ave., is the eighth clinic location for the Livingston-based nonprofit, which has a mission to serve vulnerable populations.

Four years ago, Livingston Health took over operation of Stanislaus County’s health services clinics in Turlock and Hughson through an outsourcing arrangement. It has two clinics in Livingston and also serves patients in Delhi, Hilmar and Waterford.

“The opening of our center in Modesto represents our commitment to improving the overall health and wellness of individuals and families, ensuring that everyone has access to compassionate and affordable care,” Livingston Health CEO Leslie Abasta-Cummings said in a news release.

Services at the Orangeburg Avenue clinic include primary care, preventive care, women’s health, pediatrics, chronic disease management and mental health services. People also can get help with insurance enrollment.

The new clinic accepts patients with Medi-Cal coverage, Medicare, private insurance or no insurance.

Abasta-Cummings said Livingston Health has been expanding in Stanislaus County for the past several years and a Modesto clinic was a logical next step because of unmet medical needs among residents.

Research focused on that ZIP code area revealed 9,400 people didn’t have regular access to health care. Most of them are living at or below the poverty line, Abasta-Cummings said.

Livingston Health is part of a federal program providing cost-based reimbursements for serving patients with Medi-Cal coverage, the federal and state health program for the poor in California. Based on what’s negotiated with the state, the Medi-Cal reimbursements for Livingston Health are higher than what’s provided to a standard private practice, but “we are also providing comprehensive medical services to those patients,” the CEO said.

The nonprofit is contracting with Scenic Faculty Medical Group for staffing at the Modesto clinic. Doctors Jose Alberto and Karen Rayos and Nurse Practitioner Elizabeth Buhler are seeing patients.

Livingston hopes to expand its relationship with Scenic Faculty for teaching and training medical students, resident physicians and nurse practitioners at its health clinics.

Hours for the Modesto clinic are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. New patients are accepted. Call 833-850-3500.

The clinic is holding a grand opening set for 9 a.m. Aug. 10, with speakers, facility tours and refreshments.

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