Peace Runners 773 uniting West Side community through holistic wellness

Running club providing holistic health to the West Side community

Running club providing holistic health to the West Side community


CHICAGO (CBS) — On the West Side, one man is on a mission to bring people together through holistic wellness.

That includes mental and physical health.

CBS 2’s Jackie Kostek joined the group as they head out on a weekly run in the neighborhood.

The group met early Friday morning and got in some warmups before heading out for an eight-mile run around Garfield Park.

Jackie Hoffman who started Peace Runners 773 a couple of years ago says it’s going to be amazing as most of the participants haven’t run as many miles before.

Outside of running, the program also offers other healthy tips.

“In our programming, we offer nutrition, strength workouts, mental health training. A little bit of everything – yoga and mindfulness. We just kind of lock in on the whole holistic health and wellness and just get people moving.”

Hoffman, a former college football player who also trained with the Chicago Bears, says he wanted to start the program because of the projected life expectancy in Garfield Park.

“The life expectancy in Garfield Park is 67. My father is 67 – recovering from a heart surgery. My mother is 65, and I got tired of people telling us what the narrative is going to be in Garfield Park, and I want to create our own narrative. Something positive for the community.”

With the program, as he puts it, he’s stepping up every day for his mission.

More information about the club can be found on the Peace Runners 773 website.

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