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The community plan builds on the success of the food kitchen

Building on a successful nonprofit food kitchen, the Highland neighborhood in Gastonia, North Carolina, is planning to grow in a healthy and walkable way as gentrification pressure mounts. Located northwest of downtown, Highland is home to 5,000 mostly African-American residents.

Constipated? Eat 12 Foods That Help You Poop

Qhere’s nothing worse than a traffic jam—both IRL and in your, ahem, bowels. Constipation, folks: It’s no fun and it can be hard to find relief. But don’t worry, there is some good news here: there are lots of

Time to become Virtually perfect

Some might believe that the COVID ’19 pandemic was the harbinger of a heightened digital health wave, while others might believe that the pandemic simply hastened the process of its evolution and adoption. I, for one, stand by the latter.