The best times to get pet insurance for dogs

The best times to get pet insurance for dogs


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One of the best times to get pet insurance for your dog is when they’re still a puppy.

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If you’re a pet owner, you already know how much thought goes into owning yours paint or dogs. You’re often thinking about what’s best for them, whether that be the type of food they eat, the veterinarian who takes care of them or the groomer who gives them their haircuts. This thought process also extends to the pet insurance world.

While pet insurance can be a cost-effective and valuable protection to secure, it pays to get the timing right. This is particularly true for dog owners, who can expect to pay for more care, more often than cat owners.

As such, it helps to familiarize yourself with the best times to purchase pet insurance for your dog. While everyone’s pet and personal situations are different, there are some reliable guidelines for securing pet insurance for your pup.

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The best times to get pet insurance for your dog

Here are four of the best times to get pet insurance for your dog.

When they’re a puppy

Pet insurance is never cheaper than when your pet is young. Every birthday that passes makes a pet insurance premium a little more expensive and a little further out of reach. So don’t wait to apply later in your dog’s life. If you know you want and need pet insurance, get it while your dog is still a puppy – or as close to that time frame as you can.

“As pet owners get older, they end up needing more health care… and the same is true for their pets,” says pet insurer Lemonade. “When you purchase pet insurance, your pet’s age will impact your monthly premium.”

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When they’re healthy

If you’ve missed the window to get pet insurance for your puppy, don’t worry. If your dog is still young and healthy (emphasis on health) it can still be a great time to get them insured.

As your pet ages, their health will inevitably worsen. This becomes problematic for securing pet insurance as most providers won’t cover pre-existing medical conditions. They may even reject your application in its entirety. But even if they don’t, they won’t protect against your dog’s existing health issues (until and unless they clear in full).

This is why one of the best times to get pet insurance for your dog is when they’re still healthy. You’ll be able to secure more comprehensive coverage, often at a lower price point, than you could have if you waited until they got sick.

In the spring

While there aren’t really any bad times to get pet insurance, there are some better times of the year to act than others. The spring is one of the best times to get pet insurance for your dog.

As the weather warms up, your furry friend will spend significantly more time outdoors than in the colder months. And while it’s great to spend more time in the sun with your dog, it also means new concerns and potential health issues to deal with. Everything from bug bites to sunburn and heat stroke could be on the table as your dog spends more time outside. For these conditions and more, it makes sense to get pet insurance as a backup protection.

Just don’t wait until you actually need the coverage. Pet insurance providers make applicants complete a mandatory waiting period before they can start submitting claims for reimbursement.

When you’re on a budget

It may sound counterintuitive to add another bill when you’re already on a tight budget, but pet insurance is designed to help you save money in the long term. So, one of the best times to get pet insurance could be when your ability to pay for routine expenses is strained.

Veterinary bills have only increased in recent months with the influence of inflation stretching to pet care. In this environment, pet insurance can help offset the costs you’d otherwise get stuck paying in full.

There are also multiple types to choose from, which can help you better budget. An accident-only policy, for example, will be moderately priced but will still protect you from urgent issues like a broken bone or an item swallowed by accident.

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The bottom line

When it comes to financial products and services, the timing is usually a personal decision. But pet insurance operates a bit differently. Generally speaking, there are better times to secure a policy for your dog than others.

These include when they’re young and healthy, but also during certain times of year (such as spring and summer) and when your personal budget may not be able to withstand a hefty vet bill. In these instances and more, pet insurance can be a smart and effective way to protect your pet and your wallet.

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