Health Alert Little Rock: Gum Disease and Teeth Health Impact Your Brain Size. Doctor Explains | state

The Big Picture: Dr. Adriana Davis says, “Mom continues to be proven correct, brush your teeth and keep your gums healthy!”

in the news: New research from Tohoku University is showing that gum disease and tooth loss are linked to a decrease in the size of the hippocampus. This brain shrinkage was the largest for people who lost a lot of teeth or had gum disease and tooth loss

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Doctor’s expert Insights about Teeth Health and Brain Health in Arkansas

Little Rock Health Alert

Living in Little Rock, the following health facts impact your dental health & brain health directly!

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Did you know there were 1841.0 deaths from strokes in Arkansas in 2021?

13.4% of you in Pulaski County, over the age of 65, have lost all teeth.

22.3% of adults in Pulaski County, are depressed.

36.1% of people living in Pulaski County sleeping less than 7 hours per night.

18.2% of you in Pulaski County smoke.

Can gum disease affect the brain?